6 Bollywood Celebs Who Talked About Their Experience Of Casting Couch

The deeper you dig into the mechanism of the glamour industry, the dirtier your hands will get. The prosporous industry holds many secrets behind the cameras. Casting couch is one of them. They aren’t mant who have talked about it, but everybody knows about its existence.

While most of the people inside the industry have denied it’s existence, some top bollywood celebs have showed some guts to come forward and speak about it. Here’s what they have said:

1- Ayushmann Khurana:

RJ turned singer turned actor has proved his potential in the bollywood industry. Some time back, he shared his views about casting couch and said that he has faced it too.

He said, “I have been through that (casting couch) initially when I was part of the industry. I was a TV anchor, so a casting director directly told me that I would have to do it. So, I told him that if I was not straight, I might have given it a thought, but I can’t do it. So yeah, the casting couch exists, but eventually, it’s your talent or potential as an actor or performer which would last. You don’t need to give in to such stuff.”

2- Ranveer Singh:

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Ranveer Singh is one of the boldest actor in B’Town who believes in living the life less ordinary. From doing condom ad to wearing strange outfits, he doesn’t care what others think about him. Even he has faced casting couch.

“Casting couch is a very real thing. I have experienced it first-hand,” “When I said ‘no’ (to his demands), he cried like a jilted lover. Later, I got to know that he does it to everyone.”

3- Kangana Ranaut:

Kangana Ranaut isn’t just the ‘Queen of Bollywood’, but a ‘Queen of Controversies’. From her rift with Aditya Pancholi, to nepotism debate with Karan Johar and an ugly spat with Hrithik Roshan, the actress has been in lime-light for all wrong reasons. However, she manages to win the hearts of audience through her work in cinema.

She claims that she has never faced casting couch. She said,

“Fortunately, I never had to go through the casting couch. Honestly, I feel somebody has to be really dumb to think that they’d get a role for sleeping around. And I have never been so dumb — not even at the age of 17 when I started my career. People should use their common sense. It’s stupid if you actually believe someone who tells you that he or she is giving you a role only if you please him or her.”

4- Tisca Chopra:

Actress Tisca Chopra said, “It’s a question of supply and demand. The supply of actors is far greater than their demand and so the directors and producers demand something extra for giving chances to aspirants, I have never heard of anybody raping anyone.” 

She revealed that she herself had been a victim of it but she luckily managed to escape from it. “You call their bluff and say I am better than this, ‘I can do this on my own merit’,” she says.

5-  Kalki Koechlin:

In an interview, she said, “I must say, of course, it exists! It did try and entangle me in its grip but I am slippery, I always managed to get out of it. The minute I felt uncomfortable, I walked away! The crux of the matter is that a bad actor, however much she works her way through the casting couch, will never sustain. She still remains a bad actor! The casting couch is not the answer to any aspiring actor’s route to success.”

6- Radhika Apte:

Radhika is one bold actress. She has proved her talent in Parched, Maanjhi, and Badlapur.

In an interview, she said, “You know I know also a lot of casting couch and I know a lot of people who have gone through it, I genuinely haven’t gone through it. See, I’m fortunate that I’ve never met people who have asked me to.”

She added, “Once I got a call and they said ‘they’re doing this film in Bollywood and I want you to have a meeting with them. But would you be okay sleeping with that person?’ And I laughed! I said you’re so funny, you’re very funny and I said no I’m not. Ask him to go to hell.”

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