BB 11: Arshi Khan to get Arrested from the house for painting Pakistani Flag on her body

Bigg Boss 11 candidate Arshi Khan isn’t just dubious inside the house yet outside the house too. She is the self-admitted temptation ruler is making a buzz in the outside world.

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This time, it’s not about her Goa-Pune kaand her but rather about a period when Arshi painted Pakistani banners in 2016 on her semi-naked body. A few photos which were spilled indicate Arshi Khan posturing with the Pakistani banner painted on her swimsuit – both on her bust and groin and her exposed chest and back.

As indicated by a report in International Business Times, Jalandar judge court requested the cops to go into the Bigg Boss house and capture Arshi. The report additionally proposes this is the third time that Arshi has not gone to the trial and the warrant that has been issued against her is the second one for this situation. Look at the photos that landed Arshi stuck in an unfortunate situation.

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The reports suggest that the cops might enter the house but Arshi’s publicist Flynn Remedios managed to get a stay order from the court till January 15, 2018, that is till the day after the finale of Bigg Boss 11.

“An arrest warrant was issued against Arshi Khan on Monday by a Jalandar magistrate’s court. I could not attend the court as I was down with fever and as we all know, Arshi Khan is locked inside the Bigg Boss house. Arshi Khan has been inside the Bigg Boss house since October 1st and this was the third time that the case came up for hearing in the last three months,” he told the portal.

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