Bored this New Year Eve? Try out these Dares

2017 is coming to an end. You might be seeing people around you making plans for New Year Eve, but you might be just sitting at home and doing nothing like every other year. Well, it completely depends on you how you want to bid adieu to this year, and welcome a new one. We have few suggestions for you to try some dares this New Year eve.

Check out the list:

1- Look out  for all the information related to your ancestors.Discover new things about your ancestors.

2- Compliment a stanger on something you notice. Everone likes to be appreciated and it’s a great way to start a conversation.

3- Go to a museum, the cinema or a restaurant alone.Enjoy your own company.You’re more accessible when you’re not engulfed in a crowd,making it easier for new people to approach.

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4- Make a card for yourself, mentionining only your name everwhere, a card which you would love to be gifted by someone.Trust me it’ll be fun discovering more of your creativity and love yourself more.

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5- Go for a shopping in the weekends with a limited budget and purchase your favourite ingredients  and try out something new with that or buy some useful materials with that limited money you have and Try making something creative out of it. 

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6- Let someone else order for you in a restaurant, Just give a try for other people’s tastes too.

7- Call up someone you haven’t spoken to and make plans to meet up and visit some of the interesting places you haven’t been to.

8- Play games you last  played since your third grade.

9- Donate to charity, Whether its clothes you no longer wear, or blankets to a local charity house or orphanage house or simply a sack of carrots to the animals or a handful of biscuits  for the dogs.Charities are everywhere and always grateful for anything.It always helps.

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10- Switch off all phones, laptops and technology devices for a day and find different ways to communicate with your close ones.

11- Have a major clear out, If something isn’t pretty , useful or if it has been deceitful or depressing all throughout the year, Be ruthless.Let it go.

12- Take your camera with you for a whole day and capture everything and anything that interests you.

13- Hold a mini movie festival at home.Invite your bestest buddies,Tell them to bring a movie they love and spend the whole afternoon and evening together curled up chatting, eating and drinking and sharing old favourites.

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14- Take a road trip, pack up a few neccesities , take a map and set out on adventure with no set destination. Explore and investigate different places along the way.

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15- Camp out: choose a time when the whether is good , take your sleeping bags and a portable radio.Relax with nature and leave all technology behind.

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16- Say yes to something you’ve always wanted to do but  been afraid of  or felt afraid of being embarrassed.

17- Wear  something way out of your comfort zone or wear an interesting T-shirt, something funny  or nostalgic.You’re likely to not get through a day wearing an animal or a joker  or an elf t-shirt with at least one conversation.

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18- Take a bus or a train to a town, village or city that you’ve never visited.

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19- Write a handwritten note and post it to someone you haven’t been in touch for a long time.

20- Help someone else get out of their comfort zone.Take it as a challenge for yourself.

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