Here’s something that I learnt from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., What about You?

I am a huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.(the T.V. series). It’s funny,entertaining, sets my mood up whenever I am upset and also has taught me a lot. Here is a short description of two scenes of episode 4 of season 9.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S  S09e04

The one with the sharks.

Scene 1 Central Perk

Phoebe is ready for a date with Mike,and that is when Ross tells her how he likes her dating attitude of going from person to person and not having anything serious. Phoebe realizes that she is already is her 30s and hasn’t been in a long-term relationship.This makes her think that she is not going to get married to anyone ever. 

This upsets Phoebe who begins to cry when Mike walks in to pick her up.

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*later in the episode*

Scene 10 Central Perk

Phoebe tells Joey that he is in his 30s and hasn’t been in a long-term relationship yet.  He goes from woman to woman having nothing but meaning less experiences.

Basically she was trying to do what Ross did to her.

But Joey’s reaction to this, “I know right, I love my life.”

Episode ends.”

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Did you notice that the situation that Phoebe and Joey faced was similar ? Both were in their thirties and they both didn’t happen to be in a long-term relationship since they started dating people.

The only difference was how they both took it. Phoebe started crying while Joey walked to ask out another woman laughing and being proud of himself.

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What I learnt from this was that life throws almost same challenges on each of us, if the challenges are not same then at least the intensity is. It all depends on you that how you take them and what you want from life.

I am not saying that Phoebe was not right because she started crying or something. All I am trying to say is one should know what he or she wants.

Phoebe wanted marriage so she got upset with that thought and Joey was a fun-loving guy and was not in a mood to get settled.

They reacted differently on the same situation because their preferences were different and they both knew what they wanted.

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